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A Note from Kathy
Hello all,

WE ROCKED IT!!! A sincere thank you to the parents of the Class of 2017 for putting on an awesome post prom. It truly takes a village, and in this case the valley, to pull this off and we did it!!

I have to admit, on Thursday I was praying to God for his help in pulling this off. With all the rain Thursday night and a delay in starting to decorate the outside, I got a bit nervous. In reflecting over the past year and all the work parents have put in fundraising, building, decorating—we had to pull this off.

With all that is going on in the world, there is way more pressing things to pray for, but I was hoping God would listen to my small prayer. And boy did he, we rocked it!!!

For all the parents that helped out with your time, talents, financially, I extend a big thank you. My job in this whole process was the facilitator, getting the right people in the right positions. There are 101 jobs for post prom, many different committees, many parts to those committees and many behind the scenes jobs. You parents that worked on these committees, I got the right people in the right job every single time. Everyone stepped up and whatever they committed themselves to, it was accomplished.

I may be a bit biased, but I believe we had the best golf outing, the best Prom Showcase, the best theme, the best decorating, the best entertainment, the best check in system, the best food—basically the best in everything!!

I have been bombarded with comments from the community, and everyone loved the walk through. To all my builders and decorators, not only did everyone love the theme, many of the comments were on the attention to detail. I know all my decorators spent many hours coming up with their creations, and the details did not go unnoticed.

It kills me that all this work is only for one night – how cool would it be if the kids came back Tuesday morning with the school decorated like that!

A shout out to all us parents and raising such great kids. The entertainment committee wanted to add that the vendors that stayed the night at post prom from Betty's, the lounge singers, the magician and the hypnotist, the Bethel police, all commented how polite and nice our kids were.

We had no incidents during the evening—all went very smoothly.

One more shout out to all our vendors who supported post prom through out the year, and a big shout out to the vendors for the night of post prom: all our food vendors, entertainers, Ardian Group for our great check in system, Kathleen Carney who passed out the "Class of 2017" hats, THANK YOU!!

One last note, I have a box full of painting the kids did at Pinot's Pallete and a box of the signed pictures from the auditorium. I will have them at graduation practice for the kids to pick up, or feel free to call me to arrange a pick up: 610-299-0824.

Below is the link from Tommy Smith for all the photos he took for post prom. Thanks Tommy, it is great to have the night documented. So many great pictures to remember the night by!!


Happy graduation to the Class of 2017, and best of luck to all the kids (and parents) for the bright future ahead!!

All the best,

Kathy Armani
Last Call For Receipts!
This is the final call for Post Prom receipts. All receipts must be mailed or sent via email to our Treasurer by Friday June 2nd for reimbursement. Please submit receipts for expense reimbursements and/or debit purchases using the Post Prom Expense Reimbursement form and send to treasurer@gvhspostprom2017.com.

Thank you!
On a Personal Note
Above, Kathy Armani calls herself the "facilitator". As I told her, I believe she was the glue that held us all together. Without her tireless work and committment (and garage), I doubt our Post Prom would have been as memorable as it was. And I would be remiss if I did not give a special shout out to Tom. What would we have done without you?! To say your time and talent was extremely appreciated is an understatement!

Working the many Post Prom projects was admittedly time-consuming and, at times, strenuous and hard work. But I will personally miss the hours spent at the barn with the special group of dedicated ladies (and Tom!) painting, glueing, building and decorating. Did I mention all the painting and glueing? It was truely a pleasure getting to know you all and work alongside each and every one of you.

I look forward to a relaxing night out with everyone soon where were are not all covered in dust (and glue) and are holding cups full of something other than paint!

Thank you to everyone involved, and a very special Thank You to Kathy Armani and all the committee chairs for their vision and dedication!

Wishing you all the best,
Cathy Brisgone
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